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From Code to Coffee: About Me

4+ years of frontend mastery have sculpted me into a craftsmanship who thrives on creating seamless, visually stunning interfaces.

What sets me apart? - My holistic approach as an all-round software engineer and a seasoned team lead, guiding squads through frontend challenges and beyond.

If you seek transformative solutions, consulting, or mentorship, let's connect!

I build awesome products using:




Tailwind CSS




GitRedux ToolkitJavaPythonJestCI/CDNest JSSassSEOWeb Perf


04 Years

Knack Inc

Apr 2022 - Present

Software Engineer - Full-time


May 2023 - Aug 2023

Software Engineer Intern

Savannah Informatics

Jun 2022 - Sept 2022

Software Engineer - Full-time

Fress Inc

Jul 2021 - Apr 2022

Frontend Developer - Full-time

Adventures in Development:
Top Personal Projects


Built for businesses. Create, manage, and scale custom training programs effortlessly. Navu360 empowers companies to simplify their training operations and achieve quantifiable development


Single Sign On with Auth0

Checkout and Subscription by PayStack

Custom Domain with Vercel and Cloudflare

Email Marketing with SendGrid

Fully featured B2B SaaS platform

SEO Optimized

Next JSNext JS
Tailwind CSSTailwind CSS
Redux ToolkitRedux Toolkit

Karent App

A modern social media web application designed for university/college students to share ideas, stay connected and foster communities


Oauth with Google

Push Notifications with Firebase

Customizable User Profiles and Interests

Topic-based feed

Cloudinary CDN for storage

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Styled ComponentsStyled Components
Nest JSNest JS
Karent App

CourierPal App

An ordering web app that connects shoppers and travelers who assist each other in getting items across the world


Secure User Authentication and Authorization

Real-time Order Tracking

Error Logging and Monitoring with Sentry

Integration with RESTful API

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Styled ComponentsStyled Components
Nest JSNest JS
CourierPal App

Maskani App

Augmented reality web platform that recreates the life-like experience of walking inside a real-sized house in any location


Responsive Design for Mobile and Desktop

Accessibility Compliance for ADA Standards

Minimalistic Layout to Reduce Cognitive Load

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Tailwind CSSTailwind CSS
Maskani App

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